What happens when we die?

What happens when we die?

As a child trotting off to Sunday school at weekends I felt very uncomfortable with the notion of a heaven that we all go to when we die. According to Christianity God creates a new soul at the moment of conception, so having created all these souls God has to do something with them when the body dies. It just seemed to my young brain that if everyone floated off to heaven when they die then the place would be heaving with billions and billions of souls. ‘Where would they all fit’ I asked and ‘what would they do all day.’ ‘The Lord moves in mysterious ways’. came the answer. Well he certainly would have to, I thought, to fit all that lot in!
It also seemed totally unjust that some people are born into privileged lives with long life spans and others can be born into a famine zone in Africa and die of malnutrition at the age of 12 months. Where is the equality in that?

It was by reading the books of Lobsang Rampa when I was 13 that I learned about reincarnation, ‘that sounds far more sensible’ I thought, ‘much more of a level playing field.’ Now I know old Lobsang turned out not to be a Tibetan lama but a plumber from Devon but that didn’t matter as he set me off down the path of eastern philosophy and it all made much more sense.

Although Hinduism and Buddhism explained about the wheel of karma, birth and death and striving to get off that wheel to reach enlightenment I felt it wasn’t that clear on the mechanism behind how lives are chosen. There was always this uncomfortable impression that you could return as an animal as punishment for bad karma or past life misdemeanours. That seemed unfair to animals that they were regarded as lesser creatures and it didn’t feel like an efficient system that your ‘soul’ could be bobbing about between animal and human incarnations. What’s the point behind it all I wanted to know.

Coming across the work of Dr Helen Wambach revealed the mechanism behind reincarnation where human souls continually incarnate as humans and not as animals. As you will see by reading the research for yourself there appears to be a complex mechanism and a grand plan for life on earth. We are incarnated here many times to learn, experience and achieve certain objectives that will add to the greater knowledge of the universe.


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  1. Thank you for putting it so succinctly! I have been able to recall many lifetimes in order to gain insights from them & improve the overall wisdom of my soul – in preparation for work here & beyond . . .
    I now move in circles where the concept of reincarnation is not challenged – however, there may be a change afoot . . . could I have your permission to quote your text, with due reference to its origin, please?
    Unfortunately I live too far away to come to your talk in Bristol. I hope the evening goes well and your words of wisdom are treasured as they should be.

    1. Thanks Lyz for your kind words, feel fee to copy anything off the website if it is of help to you. Cheers, David

  2. Hi! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  3. Dear David — I recently saw a message about a talk you will be giving to the Glastonbury PLG forthcoming — and I wrote to them immediately with the suggestion that they consider video recording the talks (could offer them on subscription if need be) as I was very unhappy that I am not able to attend being oversees.

    I’m EXTREMELY interested in this topic in particular and it couldn’t have been more timely as I am recently beginning the early phases for becoming a regression therapist. So I was very disappointed to not be able to attend being so far away.

    Please consider also video recording your talks for those that would like to learn and may not be able to physically attend the lectures.

    I’m going to check out your site as well — very coincidental that this information came through the news just at this time!


    1. Thanks for your kind words and interest in the topic. Cant really video the PLG talk as the room will be quite full and its a tight fit. I am intending to create an online version but that will be a few months down the line. In the meantime the next talk will be at Yeovil on 13th July perhaps you can make that one. See the talks section for more details. Regards, David

  4. Thanks for doing this site, David !
    I have the book, ‘Reliving Past Lives’, and did not realise that Dr W died so young.
    I think much of the gender confusion at present could be really about unconscious memories of past lives of the other sex.
    I aim to try and publicise her work whenever possible…[& that of Dr Ian Stevenson]
    Well done for preserving those recordings!
    (I am a shareholder of the Assembly Rooms in Glaston)

    1. Thanks Richard for your kind remarks I am doing new talk next year which I’ll put on the website in due course, details are below. Dr Stevenson work is quite intriguing especially his interviews of children with birth marks relating to past lives. Michael Newton implies that souls go through a healing process to remove the shock of their last life before moving on so its interesting that it may not be totally successful.
      Best wishes, David

      In “The Truth about Reincarnation”, David Pye relates the amazing work of Dr Helen Wambach who in the 1970s regressed groups of people to past lives and got them to record their experiences. She then correlated the data against historical facts to produce the nearest thing to scientific proof of reincarnation. David couples this with the ground breaking work of Dr Michael Newton who hypnotically regressed thousands of individuals to the period before they were born to build a fascinating kaleidoscope of the life between lives. The results are incredible and effects each and every one of us, changing our whole view on life and giving insight into the reasons why we incarnated here on planet earth.

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