I stopped doing talks in 2018 and made a video to summarise the presentations I have been giving on Helen Wambach’s research which is available below.

I may still be able to give a talk if required so if you would like to know more then please email me at
david @ reincarnation. me .uk
(without the spaces of course)

In “The Truth about Reincarnation”, David Pye relates the amazing work of Dr Helen Wambach who in the 1970s regressed groups of people to past lives and enabled them to record their experiences. She then correlated the data against historical facts to produce the nearest thing to scientific proof of reincarnation. David couples this with the ground breaking work of Dr Michael Newton who hypnotically regressed thousands of individuals to the period before they were born to build a fascinating kaleidoscope of the life between lives. The results are incredible and effects each and every one of us, changing our whole view on life and giving insight into the reasons why we incarnated here on planet earth.