Dr Helen Wambach books to be republished!

Greetings All,
It is always with some sadness that I report during my talks that Dr Wambach’s books are out of print and have been since the 1990s. Last year I was contacted by a lady in the UK with connections to a publishing house who was very interested in republishing the books, we did some detective work at the time but couldn’t get anywhere with contacting her only daughter.
I was booked in to give a talk in Glastonbury, UK yesterday. So a few days beforehand I emailed my UK contact to check if any more progress had been made. Apparently not, was the answer but she sent off some more emails and I’m very happy to announce that two hours before I was to give my talk an email came through from Helen’s daughter who would be delighted to have her mother’s books republished. So that is great news, early days of course but looking forward to seeing her wonderful books back in the shops before too long.