Dr Wambach Video

Greetings all, finally got round to making a video of Dr Wambach’s work
I hope you find the video below of interest. I am attempting to revise the work of a little-known psychologist and one of my all-time heroines the wonderful Dr Helen Wambach. Back in the 1970s she devised a unique group hypnotic regression program to take people back to past lives. She then enabled people in that group to remember their experiences and write them down. That data was then correlated against historical fact to produce the closest thing to scientific proof of reincarnation. Sadly, Dr Wambach passed away in 1985 but not before she had regressed over 6,000 people. Her work is largely forgotten and her books are out of print but I’ve been on a mission to revive her work and have been giving talks in the UK on the subject. So here is the first of a series of videos I will be making. It’s on YouTube and it’s 30 mins long, essentially a condensed version of her two books that were published in 1978. Hope you find it interesting. Best wishes, David.